This article will help you understand why, as the title suggests, you may want to consider purchasing an extended warranty when purchasing household appliances.

As of now, there is a heated debate going on in the market about whether one should pay for an extended warranty when the original contract of an appliance expires. Unfortunately, the audience is divided into two halves, one saying that buying an extended warranty is an excellent idea. In contrast, the others view that they should not spend their hard-earned money on an extended warranty.

The experts suggest that buying an extended warranty for big appliances that cost a fortune is a good idea. For smaller devices that do not cost as much, sticking with the original contract is a better option. 

According to the most recent electronic buying surveys, more than 65 percent of consumers who bought in brick-and-mortar stores said salespeople were interested in offering them an extended warranty. Across the other side, 78 percent of individuals who bought consumer appliances online reported their checkout process was interrupted by a proposal to purchase an extended warranty.

So now, what factors should you consider when deciding whether or not to purchase an extended service warranty to maintain your appliances after the company’s coverage has expired? Continue below to see when you should apply for an extended warranty and when you will be better off with the original 


It is best to listen to those with the most experience, the professionals, and the experts in such cases. The professionals and the experts both, in the same way, suggest that you should only buy extended warranties on appliances that are themselves extremely expensive. If you have decided to invest $3000, $1500, or even $800 in a machine, getting an extended warranty is a good idea. But if any of your appliances cost less than $800, getting an extended warranty might prove to be more problematic and less useful in the future. 

The reason behind both these cases is that in the case of appliances that cost more than $800, their repairs will likely cost less than their actual price, meaning you can use them for a longer time by paying a lesser price. On the other hand, for appliances that cost less than $800, their repairs will likely cost more than or just as much as their price, in which case it will be better to change them after the original warranty ends. 

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