Buying A New Appliance or Repairing it

Appliance repair is very cost effective.  Did you know that many of your broken appliances can be fixed instead of having to invest in a brand new appliance. Fixing an appliance can save you lots of money and be very effective in extending the appliance’s life span.

Considerations when deciding whether to opt for appliance repair or replacement:

Age: The age of an appliance needs to be considered when deciding whether to repair or replace. Most appliances have an average life cycle and once an appliance passes that point, it’s usually a good idea to replace. Antiques and some high-end appliances are the exceptions to the rule, as they may be extremely expensive to replace.

Warranty: Determine if your appliance is under warranty, because you might be able to have it repaired at a reduced rate or free of charge. Warranties are important because replacement parts are expensive and can even cost more than the cost of purchasing a new appliance. Make sure your warranty is covered by a factory-authorized appliance repair shop.

Price: Appliance repair professionals say when the price of the repair totals more than half the cost to purchase a new appliance, you’re better off replacing the appliance.

You should consider appliance repair when:

The appliance is under warranty.
The appliance is an antique that would be difficult to replace.
The repairs are minor and will extend the life of the appliance for several years.

It’s time to replace an appliance when:

The appliance is not under warranty.
The repairs are extensive and add up to more than half the price of the appliance’s original cost.
The appliance is technologically obsolete.

The bottom line is let an expert take a look at your appliance and get an honest opinion on if you should fix it. E Squared Services can give you a quote and help you fix your appliance in no time. Call 915-274-2402 to book a free estimate.

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