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Installation Service & Repair
We make it a priority to offer flexible services to accommodate your needs.


We at Appliance Repair El Paso take pride in our loyal and professional service. We have been providing our clients with trustworthy and reliable services for years. Additionally, Our team has reliable, hardworking, and experienced people. They are willing to give their best to offer you the required repairs for your appliances. Timely repairs with cost-efficiency are our landmark. We are providing services with values.

appliance repair service
Washing Machine Repair

Need someone to look at that washing machine that has been acting up and just refuses to do its job the way it is supposed to? You can count on us. We understand the necessity of a washing machine and why you want it to be fixed as soon as possible. Troubleshooting is not a big puzzle why washing machines are essential.  When a washing machine breaks down, quite likely, it causes some severe worries for a family. Machine breakdown might give you both economic as well as some other problems. Whenever such a case arises, you can always count on us. 

We will immediately respond to your request and will dispatch a team of highly trained and well-experienced professionals who will come and fix your washing machine in no time. You do not have to worry about who is coming to your house either since you can do a background check on your technician to put your mind at ease, and our team of professionals will efficiently handle the rest. Further to this, you may even call us ahead of time and get an estimate of the cost of repair, that too with no fee.

appliance repair service
Oven Repair

Ovens are hands down one of the best parts of our kitchen. With all the delicious treats you can cook in it, no one can deny how much we all owe to them. All those baked caked and bread, things look pretty good. Since we know how much of an oven is essential for you, we also know that an oven not working correctly sounds like a recipe for disaster. 

And this disaster isn’t just going to be about undercooked or overcooked food, but might be very harmful to the one doing the cooking. Therefore, the second your oven must start showing any signs of a problem, you contact a repair company. However, which company would be the best for oven-related issues? You don’t have to look anywhere else. We here at Appliance Repair El Paso have great technicians who have many years of experience on their side who will be happy to assist you with any sorts of oven issues you might have. From a basic repair to a full-fledge makeover, our technicians can do it all in little to no time, that too without costing you your entire life savings.

appliance repair service
Kitchen Appliances Repair

There is no doubt that the kitchen is the heart of our home. A kitchen can very well be seen as the essential part of our homes. It won’t be wrong to think we owe it a lot with everything we get from the kitchen. But only the person who runs the kitchen and works in it knows how hard it is to manage it. Our kitchen appliances play a huge role in helping us with preparing every meal, and if even one device is not working correctly, it can be very stressful for the person in charge of the kitchen. 

A single appliance not working can make a big difference for the kitchen in order. If any of your kitchen appliances are acting up and are not working correctly, all you need to do is give us a call, and we will be at your service in no time. Our highly trained professional technicians can efficiently deal with any of your kitchen appliances, no matter the brand or size. From your fridge to your coffee maker, we have everything under our wing, and we will provide you with the highest service at the earliest timing and within the most affordable price range.


You no longer have to worry about spending a big chunk of money when you call to repair the faulty air conditioner.  The air conditioner hasn’t been cooling correctly, or that machine has been acting up lately. We offer high-quality repairing services to our customers at economical prices. Not only this, but we also take an extra step for our client’s satisfaction. We will even give you a complimentary estimate price. We have years’ worth of experience on our hands. 

Therefore, we have loyal clients throughout the city. We base our work on loyalty and integrity. We are working our best to give you the optimum results. Because our team values customer service, we only provide the finest quality of work and the most incredible level of professionalism. Do you still have doubts about us? Take a look below at our policies below to see why you can trust us without any fear or doubt.

  • Same Day Service

    We understand how difficult it is to deal with broken appliances. A single machine not working correctly can cause a lot of trouble for everyone. Especially if it’s an appliance used every day, you will face anxiety. That is why we offer same-day services where you’ll get your devices fixed the same day.  You will call us, and we will repair the broken device within 24 hours. Our technicians will be at your doorstep in no time. We will resolve whatever problems you have with whichever appliance.

  • Reasonable price:

    We understand the value of your hard-earned money. It will be bad for you to waste it. But many companies out there will try to mint your money from you while giving you sub-standard services. Thus, we took the pain to offer quality services. As a result, our services have reasonable prices, and we provide complimentary estimates.

  • Experienced staff:

    Our repair technicians are the best in the business. They are highly trained and experts in the field. Background check so you dont have to worry who is going into your house. 

  • Great service:

    Everyone here at Appliance Repair El Paso has keen insights into quality service delivery. Therefore, you will only get excellent and reliable service from every person here. From our office employees to our technicians, you can expect nothing but courteous, polite, and dependable service.

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